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Pesticides and Chemical Treatments‏‏

Pesticides and chemicals

On occasion you may experience an infestation of common pests in your garden. Ants, Cockroaches, and Woodworm infestations are common in many gardens in London. These infestations can cause numerous problems not only to your garden but left untreated, they can begin to effect buildings as well. We are often required to use pesticides in varying quantities on many domestic and commercial project sites as part of our grounds maintenance service. We are able to treat and eradicate Japanese Knot Weed, moss and other plants that maybe damaging to your garden or property.

Which pesticides and chemical treatments‏ do we use

Upon our initial site visit and survey, we will record the areas where pesticide use may be required, and after receiving agreement confirmation, we begin the treatment process.

We use a a variety of pesticides and chemicals including Biocide products to control moss and algae on hard standings. This is a essential service for many of our commercial clients, as regular treatment is essential to prevent walkways and paths becoming dangerous to walk on.  We also can eradicate moss and complete worm control in Amenity turf.
We offer effective and discrete pesticide treatment to residential homes and commercial premises located within the M25 and Greater London.

Environmentally safe pesticides and chemical treatments‏ in London

Acacia Gardens have a team of qualified operatives for pesticide use. Our Pesticide team are kept abreast of the most current legislation on pesticide preparation. They are required to keep records on their use of environmentally safe pesticides. Our pesticide treatment service is fully compliant with regulations and directives from the UK Health & Safety Executive.

Our pesticide and chemical treatment service is available throughout London and within the M25.

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