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Patio and Driveway Pressure Washing Services

Patio and driveway wash

Our patio and driveway pressure washing service and decking moss removal service will restore your garden to its former glory.  We can clean away moss, paint splashes, oil spills, garden debris, dirt and grime which has been left to build up over years of use.  We use a special high pressure washing system along with a solvent free cleaning agent, which leaves stone surfaces clean, without damaging their finish. Pressure washing is effective on flat or uneven surfaces and is ideal for patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and decking moss removal.

Patio and driveway pressure washing services all year round

We know that during the winter months, moss and dead leaves can leave your patio or driveway slippery and hazardous to walk on. Our pressure washing service is available as a year round service. Even when it’s cold outside we are happy to come by and clean away moss growth and dead leaves. We will leave your patio, path or driveway clean and safe, and looking as good as new, we will also take away all the rubbish too.

Our pressure washing service is available all over London and inside the M25.  We are available at short notice, and offer highly competitive rates and a friendly, helpful service. Call us for a quote today.

Pressure washing for decking and wooden structures

As it is a porous and organic material, wooden decking is often prone to growth of moss and lichen over the winter months. If it is not regularly maintained, older decking can become slippery and even begin to rot. Our pressure washing service is perfect to remove moss and other debris from between decking joints and is the perfect way to clean between the grooves of decking boards.

If your decking is damaged or requires oiling, varnishing or service of any type, please read about our decking repair service here.