Londoners Love Contemporary Landscaping

Londoners love Contemporary landscaping, especially city homeowners with small back gardens. Herman Pobrati, the owner of Acacia Gardens, a North London garden company, explains why – “contemporary landscaping designs provide customers with a simple yet striking garden which is low maintenance. Modern garden designs suit all types of properties whether it’s Victorian, Edwardian or a new townhouse which is why London homeowners are increasingly requesting contemporary garden designs.”

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Five Contemporary Landscaping Tips from Acacia Gardens

Herman Pobrati shares five tips to achieving your dream contemporary garden …

  1. Less is More: The number one rule to achieving a sensational contemporary garden is keeping the design simple. Decide how you are going to use your garden and let that dictate what’s important for your design. If you want to relax in your back yard then a water feature might be a priority. If entertaining guests is important, an alfresco dining area will be key.
  2. Striking Colour Palette: Choose a palette which works with your house exterior or home interior. You can either tie in the paving colours with your exterior brickwork or choose to continue your inside flooring beyond your patio doors. Keep your palette simple yet striking. Black, grey and white all work well in a contemporary garden. However, you may wish to opt for a natural choice with dark wood decking against taupe painted rendering. Introduce a bold wall colour if you dare, think hot pink, azure blue or jet black. Alternatively, introduce pops of colour via your planting scheme.
  3. Quality Materials: Quality materials are essential for achieving a stunning contemporary garden design. You can mix materials to create decorative interest or to add colour. Sleek and smooth surfaces are often preferred which can be either natural stone or concrete varieties. Wooden decking can be expensive, so you may wish to consider ‘composite’ which lasts longer and is available in a selection of colours.
  4. Light the Way: Lighting is a key feature for contemporary gardens, especially for evening entertaining. It’s essential that you think about lighting as part of your garden design so that the wires can be hidden from view. Light steps, pathways, water features and focal plants.
  5. Perfect Planting: Architectural plants are often used for contemporary gardens. Before you pick your plants, decide on a theme. If you want the Arizona dessert look go for sculptural cacti. For a tropical flavour, try large palms. For a Tuscan touch, the Italian Cypress Stricta hardy trees would be sensational. Large pots are also worth considering for adding interest and decoration to your garden while keeping plants like bamboos contained.

Contemporary Landscaping Inspiration

Herman Pobrati recommends that his customers gather together visual inspiration to brief their garden designer. He says, “Our clients love browsing Pinterest for ideas. We have created mood boards for our customers who often find it easier to express what they like by showing us pictures.” To view Acacia Garden Pinterest Boards, click here. To see the Contemporary Garden Design Ideas, click here. You can also find inspiration from other social media channels such as Instagram. Browse through the homes and garden magazines which may also help you find pictures for your dream garden.

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Contemporary Landscaping North London

Acacia Gardens is a London garden company. We operate throughout the city with a high concentration in the North London area. We have experience of designing contemporary gardens for clients with small and awkward spaces. Our experience includes landscaping, installing patios, garden paving and garden fencing. We can take care of your planting and lawn care requirements. Many contemporary gardens require artificial lawns which we also install. For more information about Contemporary Landscaping you can contact us here.

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