Garden Design Service Process

Acacia Gardens provides a professional Garden Design Service for London located customers. Our garden design process is all about maximising the outdoor space you have to suit your requirements and realise the potential of your plot. Our Garden Design Service begins with your brief and ends with a blueprint to accomplish your dreams. We also help clients visualise their garden ideas with the use of Pinterest Boards so that you can express your thoughts through pictures. Please see the garden design service process below.

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Garden Design Service Process Steps

  1. Brief: We begin by talking to you about the vision you have for your garden. This includes an overview of your intended use for the space. How much time you want to spend maintaining it. Your particular style and if you have a theme in mind. If you would like any focal points such as a water feature. What budget you have available for the project.
  2. Site Visit: Before we start the design of your garden, it is important to inspect the site. This visit helps us to determine access, soil condition, land elevation, the current layout and size of the plot.
  3. Concept Garden Design Plans: We provide you with a minimum of two draft concept ideas for your garden. These designs take your brief into account and provide you with different scenarios.
  4. Garden Design Visual: The preferred concept will be brought to life using a computer-generated visualisation.
  5. Final Garden Design Plan: When you are happy with the garden design we will provide you with the final plan. This will be a scaled and technical plan which incorporates the elevations, hard landscaping and soft landscaping. It will be accompanied by a detailed quote covering all the costs involved.
  6. Bringing Your Garden Design to Life: You can either take the plans and carry out the work yourself. Alternatively, we can undertake this work for you.

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Our Garden Design Service Process Includes Visual Inspiration

To help our clients visualise their garden design we have created a comprehensive collection of Pinterest boards. These include ideas for every type of garden design from cottage to courtyard and contemporary gardens. It also covers planting, decking, patios, paths, garden structures and more. We find that this type of imagery is extremely helpful in clarifying exactly what it is you want from your garden design.

If you would like to discuss your garden design, please contact Acacia Gardens today on 020 8800 3866  or contact us here.

Garden Design Service Process Includes Visual Inspiration

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