Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions about artificial grass. If you are considering having artificial grass installed, you might find these answers helpful. Please note that these artificial grass frequently asked questions have been answered on the basis that you will be using quality artificial grass supplied and installed by us. If you have a specific question or concern, please contact us, and we can put your mind at ease.

Popular Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to having a fake lawn; it is easy to maintain, you don’t need to water it, it’s hygienic, safe and clean for adults, children and pets.

Fake grass is very versatile. It can be used for front lawns, back gardens, balconies, patios, roof gardens, dog kennels, play areas, play schools, exhibition spaces, outside areas for restaurants and bars, playing fields, sports pitches, etc.

The artificial grass we provide is guaranteed by the manufacturer for eight years. If you are using your lawn to play football, then it will not last as long as a lawn laid for ascetic purposes.

Artificial lawns require very little maintenance which is a major benefit. Clean up any leaves using a broom or rake. When it rains, your lawn gets a wash which also helps to keep it clean.

Sometimes you may need to clean away food spills or animal mess from your synthetic lawn. Do not use harsh chemical products. Wash with clean water and use a cloth. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for further advice.

You may get the odd weed popping through but overall, fake lawns are resistant to weeds.

No, one of the benefits is that the lawn will not need to be watered if you live in the UK.

Artificial grass will let the rain through because it is porous so it is just like normal grass in that respect. If your garden suffers from flooding, then it may be necessary to install additional drainage. Flooding may occur in your garden for other reasons such as blocked drains or unusual adverse weather conditions. Artificial grass works in the same way as real grass.

It depends on the positioning of your garden and what the weather is like after the rain has subsided. In general, fake grass doesn’t take long to dry after it has rained.

No, it will not be slippery after rain fall.

It is best to let snow and ice melt naturally to avoid any damage to the fake lawn.

No, the artificial grass we use will not fade in the sun.

Yes, it will get hotter than normal grass when the sun is strong but it will not be too hot to use and it will not melt.

Yes, overall, artificial grass is safe for children to play on. Some types of fake lawns are made especially with children in mind so those would be more preferable for you.

Yes, artificial grass is pet-friendly overall. Some types of fake lawns are made especially with pets in mind so those would be more preferable for you. You can use a mild disinfectant to clean up any pet toilet mess.

Yes, we can lay the artificial grass on flat surfaces and slopes. However, we do need to know if you intend to walk on the slope or not so we can determine the best method of securing the lawn.

Yes, you can place edging around your fake lawn. Essentially, it is just like real grass in that respect, so if you want a brick edging or perhaps wood or even metal this is all possible.

You can use a barbecue but not directly placed onto the lawn because you may cause damage. Paving slabs are a good way to safeguard your grass and also provide a flat surface for your equipment.

Because a faux lawn doesn’t need to be watered and you don’t need to use any pesticides (i.e. weed killer), for these reasons artificial grass has been called environmentally friendly. However, because a fake lawn attracts little in the way of insects you may wish to offset this with potted plants or earthy borders.

You can have an artificial lawn installed at any time throughout the year as long as it is not frosty or snowing and dry weather is preferable.

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